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1 Surprise for Your Spouse a Day

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heart and love

My wife’s birthday is coming and normally her birthday celebration will last for a week and sometimes even longer.

I remembered she had 7 birthday gifts last year and she was given one gift per day till her birthday.

This year she wanted a MP3 player and I decided to buy for her as I felt that she deserved a reward for her hard work in school.

creative zen stone plus

creative zen stone plus

It was a surprise for her and I specially made a trip to Suntec to purchase it. I only told her when I called her on the phone.

It was meant to be a surprise. The excitement won’t be there if I had told her the purpose of the trip earlier.

Many people believed that sparks do get extinguished after wedding. I beg to differ. I prefer to see it as transformation of sparks into something even better.

After marriage, there is an additional role of a husband. There is an increase sense of committment to take extremely good care of my wife and each day I look forward to seeing her.

bouquet of flower

Each month I surprise her with a bouquet of flowers. It may not neccessarily be very expensive.

It is the thought that counts.

It is the effort of making that normal day a special one.

My wife knows that I love to drink jasmine tea. I remembered after a tiring day, she passed me a bottle, telling me that she specially bought it for me.

The tiredness seemed to have magically disappeared just because of this act of kindness.

As you can see, the surprises I am referring to are not equivalent to lavish gifts like diamond rings or Louis Vuitton bags.

Even a gentle massage by your spouse on your tired body can make coming home so comfortable. Again, it may not be the high standard of professional masseurs. But again it is the act of care and tenderness by someone you love.

One good start for couple is to understand the needs and wishes of your spouse.

For example, a need to have lunch everyday is not a wish. It is something we ought to do everyday.

A wish to eat a certain expensive restaurant can be considered as a form of luxury and it may be something that your spouse is longing for.

Thus, you may want to be sensitive to the needs and wants of your spouse. And fulfilling them in any way you can are definitely one of the many ways to bring more sparkles of romance into your afrer-wedding life.

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2 Responses to “1 Surprise for Your Spouse a Day”

  1. 1
    Cheryl Leong Says:

    I totally agree on the small gift & surprises. This is what helps to keep the love alive after you’re married. It definately help me & my hubby 😉

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    yah..little spinkle of magic everyday makes the difference!!!

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