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What if Wedding Has Been Postponed?

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I have heard from a friend that her wedding has been postponed. It is very sad indeed to hear the news from her.

There were a few exchange of emails and I learnt from her that she is a strong lady.

Postponement of weddings could arise from many factors.

One of the reasons could be that either the groom or bride has to continue working due to some very important project. They may need to fly off to another country just to seal some multi-million deals with some multi-national companies.

In summary, they are indispensable and their companies need them.

Another reason that I have come across is that either one party has second doubt about committment to the marriage and want more time to think about it.

The third reason that I could think of is either one of the parties could have met with an accident or is unfit for the commencement of the weddings.

Personally, I feel it is really painful for the wedding couples to come to a common consensus to postpone their weddings. It is not an easy decision to make together.

It takes immense courage and support for each other.

I can understand the eagerness and excitement the wedding couples have looking forward and counting down to their big wedding day and only to realise that the weddings have to be postponed to a further date.

There are two types of postponement. One is to a later date, and the other to an unknow future date when both parties are ready to commit.

As for the reason that one of the wedding couples has fallen ill or unfit to go through the wedidng, postponement of the wedding does not show an escapism from the wedding.

I believe it in fact shows the spirit of true love and strength that the bride and groom have for each other and their main priority is for the other party to get well.

Nothing beats such true demonstration of genuine care and concern for someone that we love.

In any event of the wedding has been postponed, these are what can be done:
1. Get family members and friends to contact the relevant parties.
2. Family members can contact other relatives of the postponement
3. Friends can call up hotels, bridal studios and other bridal services the couples have engaged to make the necessary arrangement.
4. Be ready to explain and re-explain as other people will definitely be curious of the reasons behind.
5. Be strong and support each other no matter what happens.

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