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Wedding Pains of Brides

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Some brides have emailed me their biggest headaches during wedding planning.

The number one anxiety brides may have is the doubt if they have married the right man.

Marrying the right guy determines the happiness of the ladies forever in their marriage life.

You know it is just like taking the wrong move may throw you deep down into well and sealing the well later.

Happiness is very subjective. Money can make some women really happy. Others used benchmarks such as career success and relationships with their spouses.

There was a survey done to find out what type of men women want as their life-long partners.

Although during courtship, women want to a fun guy to hang out with, most women choose man with integrity and solid character to be their husbands. They want someone who they feel comfortable with and someone who they believe will never cheat on her and take good care of her.

Can you imagine if your husband cheats on you?

It will be absoulutely horrible. The trust in him will disappear immediately followed by the loss of hope, not just in him as a husband and a man you once knew, but also your hope in building your home and family.

Your future turn into darkness instantly!!!

Taking care and trust are the basic factors of husband selection.

The second anxiety that bride may experience is acceptance of her into the new family.

It is just like you moving into a totally new environment and feeling unsure what may happen.

Plus, some brides may wonder how will their in-laws treat them. Or maybe their in-laws may treat them like a housemaids after marriage.

It is the same as bride turning into “bride-maid”.

As a man and a husband, this is what you can do:
1. Address what your wife’s thoughts and feelings
2. Genuinely listen to her, with no judgement
3. Assure her that you will be with her always
4. Give her a big hug and a kiss

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