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Everyday Wedding Surprises

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To me, marriage is like a little seed. If you want to nurture it into a strong tree, there must be care and love given everyday.

Many times, such acts of love disappeared after the wedding day.

I was crossing the road one day and I saw an old man in his seventies, holding his wife’s hands tightly. They were walking very slowly and were struggling to cross the road. However, I saw from the old man’s face, he was determined to ensure his wife was safe by holding her close to him.

His wife was in her seventies too.

At that point in time, I realised the power of love and had the belief that love can be sustained even till death do couples part.

It is not easy to maintain relationship. No one said it is. Even mother-daughter relationship has its ups and downs all the times. So does marriage.

In fact, to make sure our relationship grows into a strong and lasting one, acts of shower of love must be done on everyday basis.

There is no need to splurge lavish gifts on the woman of your life. All you need to do is to take note what matters to her.

In fact, yesterday I bought some stickers for my wife so that we can use it for our wedding scrap book.

Two weeks ago, I bought my wife a sunflower on Mothers’ Day to thank her for the motherly care she had given me.

You know wives play many roles, sometimes as best friend, sometimes as a guardian, sometimes as a wife and other times as an idol.

I am my wife’s biggest fan because I idolise her for the many strengths that she has and I haven’t.

There are other simple things that I can do such re-filling he cup with water while she was working hard at home and giving her massages now and then when I knew she was tired.

Such acts do not require money.

Many men had the misconceptions that women only love expensive presents like diamond rings or an expensive dinner at a posh restaurant. Actually, simple actions done from the bottom of men’s hearts suffice most of the times.

5 thinsg you can do right now to make your woman happy:
1. Give her a hug
2. Plant a kiss on her lips
3. Give her a massage
4. Say “I love you”
5. Ask her how her day was and explain that you are concerned about her

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