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Hong Kong Wedding

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wedding in hong kong

My wife’s cousin will be holding her wedding dinner in November this year.

She has just sent us her wedding photos and we must say, we still love their Hong Kong photographs.

They are totally different from Singapore’s photography style. Previously, I posted my wife’s friend’s wedding photos taken in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s wedding gowns are much more beautiful and have more variety.

Some local friends of mine, who have deep pocket, do fly to Hong Kong to engage their bridal services.

Some even had their make-up artists and photographers flown to Hong Kong with them.

If you are engaging their services and using their services in overseas, you would need to pay for all their expenses such as lodgings, food, air-fares and transport.

Again, if you have high wedding budget, money is never a contraint.

For me, I personally feel the wedding couples must be truly in love. From a glance of the wedding photos, we could tell whether they are in sync with each other.

On the surface, they may say they really love each other, but deep inside their minds do not connect.

Other factors to determine if the wedding photos turned out to be really good are if the couples are photogenic by nature.

Some people have difficulty giving a natural smile when ask to smile at the camera. Others simply dislike taking photos and even dread the long wedding photoshoot process which may take up to up to 12 hours or more.

The photographer also plays an important part too. Some photographers are dead-wood and they just simply do their job. Others are enthusiastic and passionate and they know how to amuse the wedding couples.

In short, these are 3 factors which determine if your wedding photos look good:
1. The wedding couple’s dynamic
2. The wedding couple and photographer’s dynamic
3. The photographer’s personality

wedding in hong kong

wedding in hong kong

wedding in hong kong

wedding in hong kong

wedding in hong kong

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