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Wedding Routine of a Week: Part 3

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After talking about wedding routine part 1 and part 2 and having decided what kind of wedding you want, you may have to decide how many guests you are inviting.

This will determine which kind of hotel or restaurants to contact.

You need help from your parents to get a closer estimation.

My parent didn’t intend to invite her friends. As for my in-laws, they have to estimate a number of relatives who will be flying in from overseas.

There is a lot of liaison and coordination. Give your parents a week to get back to you. Sometimes, the relatives aren’t even sure themselves if they can come due to unpredictable reasons such oversea work posting.

When tying up with wedding venues, the date to meet the hotel coordinators must be agreeable between you, your partner and the business manager.

I remembered we made an appointment with Grand Copthorne Singapore.

It was a Sunday evening. We waited for 1 hour at the reception area and the business manager didn’t turn up. We contacted her and realised she was on medical leave.

She explained that she had informed her colleague to attend to us. However, the so-called colleague didn’t meet up with us and “not being able to find us” shouldn’t be an excuse as they have our contact number.

We were really displeased with ther services and we left in a puff. Earlier on, we in fact cab to the hotel from another place and it was really rush.

In the end we didn’t take up Grand Copthorne.

What I have learnt from here was that despite allthe conscious planning, we are bound to meet up with obstacles and challenges that are beyond our control.

One useful attitude that wedding couples may want to pick up is enjoy the process of doing things together and using the chance to learn about the person who you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

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