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Wedding Routine of a Week: Part 2

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When wedding planning started, there is no way to stop. Once proposal has been done and a date has been set for your wedding day, you will not stop planning until the end of your wedding dinner.

I remember a typical day of my week is discussing with my wife what should we do next week.

Next we asked ourselves how should we go about planning it.

Planning takes discipline and once we decided whatever we had planned, we put our mind and heart to it.

However, our wedding planning was never smooth as both of us had to work and I was working, giving tuition as well as taking up a Graduate Diploma course in NUS.

Triple stress was not easy to handle and here came the fourth stress: wedding-planning stress.

Some hotels and restaurants never reply my emails or return my call. The wedding shows that we wanted to attend clashed with our other commitments. And whatever we had planned to do, we had to report to our parents.

It was not an simple task as reporting the matters meant we must be ready to be receptive to new inputs. This would always mean changing what we had decided. It kinda of brought us back to square one.

And that explained why some wedding couples signed the agreement, paid the deposit and then informed their parents. Thus, there wouldn’t be any turning back even if there were disagreements.

My first one month or two was focused on finding hotels and bridal studios. We attended quite a number of wedding road shows and asked around from our married colleagues, friends and relatives.

Some were helpful, others weren’t. Some were nice enough to educate you how to go about the whole wedding-planning process.

A typical day of my week in the first two months:
1. At 7pm, I checked my emails to see if any hotel or restaurant responded.
2. At 9pm, I discussed what I had found with my wife over the phone.
3. We planned what to do for the next few days.
4. I flipped through the newspaper and see if there was any up-coming wedding show.

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