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Wedding Dance

Wedding dance is rare in weddings. Beside really soothing and romantic wedding music being played in the background, you get to see the dance by the two main stars of that evening.

wedding dance
from djpartymusic.com

In Asia, there is seldom any dance. Guests sat in their seats all night, waiting to be served.

The guests hurried themselves to finish eating the food on their plates. The night seemed to pass by quickly and by the time even before dessert comes, many guests would have left.

Personally, I don’t really like to attend wedding dinner but I love to take photos of the wedding couples.

I love to capture every moment of their smile and laughter.

Beside this, I like nothing else about wedding dinner.

In a typical wedding, its highlight is the table-to-table toasting when bride and groom move from table to table to thank their guests for coming. Sometimes, they have table games such as forcing the groom to drink more liquor than he can hold or the bride has to pass an egg from the left trousers to the right of the groom.

Such games may create some momentary excitement to the wedding dinner.

The only very memorable wedding was the one that I attended on last Sunday. We were entertained by wedding singers.

Something different at least and for the guests to talk about even days after the wedding.

So far, I seldom saw any wedding dance except for the one that we had at my cousin’s wedding.

But it was a simple one, not the one that you saw in ball room dancing.

If you want to make your wedding a memorable one, you may want to consider wedding dance in your wedding.

What you need to do if you have decided:
1. Pick up a few dancing lessons and remember some basic steps.
2. Practice with your partner at home if you are shy to do it in lessons.
3. Practice a few more times just before your wedding day.
4. Do your best on your wedding day.

There is no need to be an expert on the dancing floor and there is no need to impress the guests.

wedding dance
from partydogz.com

In fact, the guests will be glad to see you dancing with your spouse-to-be.

They may join in if they see that you are enjoying it and they feel that it is fun.

It is interesting to break away from the normal routine of a typical wedding dinner when guests just eat, eat and leave after that.

We do not want our guests to remember our wedding as any typical wedding.

We want ours to be different.

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