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Wedding Themes

Generally, the layout of the wedding ballroom remains the same.

Layout includes the pillars, stage and doors. What makes the difference to a wedding is the wedding theme you are going to choose.

I remembered when I was at Holiday Inn Park View (Singapore) and the banquet manager showed me some themes of the weddings.

There were crystal theme, fresh flowers theme and even chocolate theme.

It was not easy to choose the most suitable theme for your wedding.

One good method to choose is to know what you want. You may want to choose it based on your characteristic.

A simple rule to remember is let the theme fit you, not the other way round.

Ask yourself these following questions.

Are you a gentle person or a loud person or a fun person?

wedding theme
from visualbliss.co.uk

If you are gentle and quiet, you may want to choose something light.

If you are a loud person, you may want to select a theme that describe you.

If you are a fun person, you may want the decoration to bring out some fun and exciting elements.

I was surfing the net and saw a silk theme. It was soft and gentle and light. I really like it and it makes me feel as if I’m floating on the clouds.

Some couples may like to have a music theme. Such theme may even require a wedding band to be around to add music to the atmosphere.

wedding theme
from pitt.edu

So before you finalise the theme with your banquet manager, do know what you want. If you are unsure, you may want to arrange with your manager to view the ballroom on an actual wedding day.

We met with out banquet manager just before a real wedding took place and we had a feel of what it was like. The best way to experience is to walk into the ballroom which was decorated with the theme you wanted.

Whatever themes you choose, you have to pay different prices.

For example, if the flower themes use white and pink roses and you want otherwise, be prepared to burn a bigger hole in your pocket.

If you require other types of flowers, there will be other charges incurred.

If your budget is really tight, you may want to minimise any variation from what is given.

However, if you have the budget to spare, why not choose something that you love.

Many times, we are restricted by the budget to have the ideal wedding that we want.

We have to remember that planning wedding is a one-time event, but saving money for the new life after marriage is for eternality.

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    HamiHarri Says:

    Cool idea – too bad my venue doesn’t offer this… Oh well, I have to admit it is kinda fun to plan out all of the little details (albeit a little stressfult0 😉

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