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Wedding Dinner of My Cousin

Before you continue reading, have you seen this post on my cousin’s wedding day programme and another post on her solemnisation. If not, please do so that there will be a flow.

Back to this post, my cousin’s wedding dinner hosted 56 tables in total, each table taking 10 people.

It was a really big wedding event for her with so many guests turning up for her very special day.

The wedding programme always started off with 1st march-in to cut the wedding cake.

She had actually engaged wedding singers to provide entertainment for her guests.

It was a splendid surprise for all of us, including me as I had never attended a wedding dinner with singing sessions.

It was definitely a great idea!!!

You can engage the wedding singers too, if your budget allows another few of thousands to spare for that 3 hours singing session. The whole package entails two singers and a live band of 5 people playing different instruments (ranging from saxophone, keyboard to flute.)

I must also say that the guests were all hyped up and the wedding somehow got converted into a concert with “fans” giving the singers flowers to show their appreciation.

The guests were standing up, clapping and making waves in the air!!!

The singers’ warm and clear voices must have captivated all the guests present! And they sang at least 12 songs lasting throughout the 3 hours of wedding dinner.

I must say I’m impressed by their singing. My mom was very impressed too and wanted to hear more after the encore.

It was one of the best and most entertaining wedding dinner I have ever attended!!!

You can check out weddinginharmony.com here and their blog post of their unforgettable experience at my cousin’s wedding.

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    Esther Says:

    i will sure hold a ktv system de… lolx… coz’ all my relatives love singing!! (^_^)

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