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Wedding Day of my Cousin

Yesterday, I did blogged about the importance of having Gung-Ho brothers.

Why do you need Gung-Ho brothers?
1. Gung-ho brothers can help groom to overcome obstacles.
2. They can confront the bridesmaids in a pleasant manner.
3. They are in a calmer state to think of ideas to counter the games.
4. Best of friends are very good support in such times.

In a typical Chinese wedding day, the groom will pick the bride up at a stipulated time which is deemed as an auspicious timing.

Just when the groom reached the bride’s home, the driver will sound 3 loud horns to announce their arrivals.

To enter the house to fetch the bride, the groom will have to go though many obstacles in the form of wedding games to show his sincerity and determination to marry his bride.

This could be the most stressful period for the groom when all attention was on him and he had to overcome so many weird games on the spot.

It can be very traumatising for the groom.

I remembered when I had to go through the wedding games, the bridesmaids shut the door and wanted me to shout into the house through into another room. Luckily, I had a strong team of 9 brothers and our voices rocked the whole floor.

Yesterday, I took the stand as an on-looker, looking at how the groom was tortured without his brothers helping him.

There were endless giggling and laughters at the expense of the groom’s ego.

In fact, not all grooms are willing to go through such acts which they see as “shameful” or “lowering of his status”.

It was really entertaining but at the same time, it could be pitiful for the groom to endure the endless eating of chilli and posing as if he is the hottest super-model, lying on the floor and giving a seductive look.

He was a tanned gentlemen with dark complexion but his blushes couldn’t be hidden. It was a total embarrassment for him.

Luckily, the bridesmaids were easy on him after they had seen his plight and minimise the difficulties of games since all they saw was a one-man show.

Again, it could be right for the brothers to do that. It is only one man marrying the bride, not the brothers.

At the final stage, none could help him as my cousin requested for a love poem recital on the spot.

He tried really hard and after 5 mintues of silence, he managed to say one.

And the door of the room opened for him to access the bride.

What a relief!

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One Response to “Wedding Day of my Cousin”

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    synergylyn Says:

    I know what you mean! Friends who are up for almost anything will be the best picks for brothers.

    But I do think that some girls take this torture thing a little too far. It’s ok to play and tease a little but some girls set out like they’ve got something to proof. I think my “sisters” will want to disown me now!

    For i-Weddings.com.au

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