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How Helpful are these Wedding Helpers?

I just came back from my cousin’s wedding.

In Singapore, we do have two parts to our wedding day.

According to the Chinese wedding customs, this is what will happen in a wedding day.

In the morning, we have the groom coming to the bride’s home to fetch her. There will be tea-ceremony.

In the afternoon, they will return to the groom’s house. There will be another tea-ceremony.

At night, we have our wedding dinner in a hotel ballroom or a restaurant.

from home.mn.rr.com

There are times in the afternoon that some wedding couples chose to go through the solemnisation in a church.

It again differs for different religion.

Back to my cousin’s wedding, in the morning at 9.40am, the groom came with his brothers. If I were to give them a rating upon 10 for their brotherhood, I can only give 4.5

Why this poor rating?

The brothers played him out.

Normally, the bridesmaids will play some games to test the sincerity of the groom just before he is allowed to enter the door. He was asked for to perform. Out of 5 brothers, only two went along with the flow and danced with the groom. The other 3 just hid at a corner enjoying the show.

Upon entering the house, the groom was required to eat chilli, lemon, sugar and bittergourd which resembled the 4 aspects of marriage life (spiciness, bitterness, sourness and sweetness)

In fact my cousin (who was the bride) told me just before the groom came, that the groom will be “Dead” for sure. She had called him earlier to remind him NOT to get helpers who can drink.

He must get those who can help him and overcome obstacles for him in the games session.

Whatever the bride said fell on deaf ears.

Back to what had happened earlier on, only the groom ate everything even though the bridesmaids kept on mentioning that the other brothers could help too. I realised the brothers just laughed behind him. Some even shun away and hid behind the crowd of relatives and friends, hoping no one will see him.

I’m sure the groom was really disappointed.

Even the mother-in-law came forward to tell the groom to get help from others.

Hmmm, nothing happened.

And came the part, the bridesmaids prepared dresses, bras and skilrts for the groom and his friends.

They were shown some sexy advertisment in a fashion magazine and they were to dress themselves up and posed as sexily as possible, just like what they saw in the ads.

It took them five minutes or so for them to even say, “ok, let me help.”

The groom was blushing furiously with his face all red though he was really tanned.

I could notice his groom kept on looking at his friends, using his eyes to “plead” for help.

from luminet.net

It is not as if that the brothers were required to carry the bride and pose for a picture.

I noticed the bridesmaids were trying to help the groom too and again did their best to remind the helpers to assist the groom.

Next, the groom was to sing a song and recite a poem at the door of the bride’s room. He did great in singing a song that he had memorised earlier but was stuck at the poem recital. His brothers just stood behind him in silence waiting for him to say the first word.

Sigh…the bridesmaids again reminded the brothers to say a sentence each and just let that be a poem.

No one made a sound.

So what I have learnt here:

wedding games:
1. Dancing and singing
2. Eating chilli, bittergourd, sugar and chocolate
4. Posing exactly what we see in a sexy ad

And most importantly, bring along helpers who are gamed enough to play the wedding game!

If you are this groom, what will you be feeling right now?

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    Esther Says:

    so wat r these brothers for? become the audiences? sighz~!

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