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Email enquiry from Frances (Actual day Wedding Photographer)

Hi JR,

I would like to enquire getting a photographer from those BS better or
freelance is better?

And what are the thing that in the package that we should look out for?



My reply:

“Hi Frances,

For me, I would break the Photographers into 3 categories:

1. Those at Bridal Studios
2. Those who have companies
3. Those without companies and work from home

Actually, I’m not sure which one is the best. For me, I would prefer those with a company so that in any case the photos turn out to be otherwise, we can still get our money back.

Plus, I would prefer to go visit the photographer and talk to him at his office and even talking with his customers to find out the quality of their service.

Again, you have to know what kind of photography you prefer…is it those which captures moments or those that are more traditionals when everyone stand in rows and they smile to the camera.

I didn’t choose the photographer from my Bridal Studios because they belong to the more traditional type.

In fact, my wife and I choose the style we like and eventually after sourcing for about 20 photographers, we chose “Let There Be Light” and you can see his package here.

But my photographer Ant left to set up his own company at www.antevy.com

Another reader emailed me an enquiry quite similar to yours and you may want to read my reply to her.

Hope this is helpful. 🙂

Jhong Ren”

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