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Email enquiry from Theo (Efficient Wedding Planning)

“Dear Jhong Ren,

I think lots of pple are very busy with their careers at the time they
about to get hitched. That’s why to have guidance in their preparation
be a real blessing. =)

My wedding is not due till early 2009 but have already booked my BS.
kiasu right? Haha..

My fiance and I believe in early planning especially when his work is
somewhat volatile in schedule. So we are looking at things that we need
do and try to get them settled first so as to minimise any other
making in the future lest we have no time for discussion.

What do you think?


My reply:

” Dear Theo,

I think different couples have different preference. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Some preferred to plan last minute, say within 3 months of their wedding; others like me spent a year while you have more time to control and play with.

I agree with you that BS (Bridal Studios) can be booked first as their price escalates every year.

The other item you can look for is your wedding venue. Howveer, the hotels and restaurants may not be able to give you the exact pricing for your year which is in 2009.

Sometimes, the price may be quite similar to the end of year 2008.

I sense that you are someone who wants to plan first so that things won’t come in storm or masses. You prefer the tasks at hand to be easy to handle and also within your control.

I’m sure you can plan well. >.< Do enjoy this process as it is only once. Cheers, Jhong Ren"

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