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Wedding Forum – the last 1000th post

Yesterday was my 1000th post in singporebrides.com forum.

And it was my last post. I told myself I had to spend less time in forum and more time with my family.

Been having spliting headache lately and my eyes are very tired.

Think probably I didn’t get to rest well after answering ALL my readers’ enquiry in my blog as well as the forum.

After marriage, my time was more precious and every second counts. So I have decided to cut down staying online and spend more time staying offline.

It was a painful decision to make as I could forsee there will still be many questions from many more brides who are clueless of where to begin, what to do and where to go or get what they want.

In fact, I have really enjoyed helping the forum members with their questions.

My stay in the forum had been really fruitful and I have met many wonderful forum friends…

some even called me “big brother”. others said I’m the “only male blogger in Singapore who cares enough to come out with a wedding blog to help others.”

I thank them for such praises and compliments and I just want to say I’m just doing my best.

To thank you, this is my present for you.

wedding blog cry
from www.ausscrapcentral.com.au

If you are a forum member and are looking forward to answer your question in the forum, you can always submit your question in the left sidebar.

If you know of anyone in the forum who needs a question to be answered, sometimes almost immediately, you know you can always refer her here.

To make it easier for my readers to submit their questions, I have created this:

It is always available at the sidebar on your left. So, next time, if you have anything that you need help in, you know where to send in your question. >.<

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8 Responses to “Wedding Forum – the last 1000th post”

  1. 1
    Vivian Teo Says:

    Hi Jhong Ren,

    I can understand that. I also felt that you have to spend a lot of your precious time if you were to participate activley in your wedding blog and s’pore bride forum. Cos me can forsee that I will be having this problem too. It’s like I got too addicted to s’pore bride forum at one time that I also toldl myself I have to control myself. Guess I will have to chat lesser in forum after my AD as I also don’t want to neglect my family.

    Many thanks to you once again for your BIG help! Last but not least, I bless you with a happy marriage life till the end of time. Must not neglect your family, ok? Your main priority is your family and not us.

    Best Wishes,
    Vivian Teo

  2. 2
    baoyan Says:

    Hi Jhong Ren,

    I will miss u when u are not around…

    though i do not noe u but u have been a great help..



  3. 3
    yoke ping Says:

    Dear Jhong Ren ,

    Thank you all your wedding info and helps .

    take care

    yoke ping

  4. 4
    Val Says:

    Hey.. its sad to hear tat. u’ve been a great help to many of us.

    u’re withdrawing ur blog then wont all ur efforts be gone? why don’t u juz leave it there, so tat if ppl want to, they can go to read and get info.. won’t be so tiring for u to keep maintaining it. or another solution can be u can be a wedding planner, sideline.. not a bad idea leh since u’re quite experienced liao le..

    yup i do agree spending time with family is important. esp life after marriage is not easy ya.. maintaining relationships with wife, families, doing household chores.. and babies to come soon too. will support u in wadever u do! all the best to u and ur wife.


  5. 5
    Lyana Says:

    I have alwaes been a silent reader, but i thank you for your efforts and useful tips.


  6. 6
    Gladys Says:

    The blog has been really informative and I found it extremely useful. Thanks for your efforts!
    Do take care..

  7. 7
    Clarence Says:

    Thank you for all your help, Jhong Ren.

    All the best.


  8. 8
    Jeanie Says:

    Thanks for all the info.

    It has been a great help to me & my hubby.

    All e best to u & ur wife..)

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