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Wedding A Step Backward

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Wedding is a big transition in our life. Whenever our friends around us is going to get married, the news will reach many more others. Friends will tell friends. These friends will tell more friends.

I had this experience that I told my NUS classmate, who already had 3 children, that I’m getting married and he was invited.

Being married for over 20 years, he asked me this question: “Are you sure?”

I also remembered my mischievious colleague, who also had two children, drew on the staff’s movement chart on my wedding day, two weddding rings entangled and below she wrote “Wedding rings are the smallest handcuffs on earth.”

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My experience was different when I told my friends who were singles. They were full of envy and especially the ladies, they will ask when is their turn, not to get married, but to find their prince.

Marriage life for me was really different from courtship and being single.

Being single, I can go whereever I want even to the extent of booking a tour the very day and flying off the enxt day. I spent my money on myself.

Being in relationship means putting my girlfriend in my mind whatever I do or whatever decision I make. Schedule had to be adjusted so that we could spend time together. A small amount of money could be spent for dating such as buying her dinner, gifts and taxi fare.

Being married means taking of my wife for eternity and taking of the house, the expenditure, the chores, the finance and many more…you name it…do you that the list is getting longer now, much longer?

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As for the money that I earned, it goes to the home…my home.

Marriage is a life-time devotion..it is seldom over me or her…it is always about us…

Sad to say, seeing divorce rates going up, such commitment to marriage seldom exist.

I spent the whole of yesterday night thinking, if I were to do a business that has a purpose and add values to others, what can it be?

I asked myself if I am the customer, a married man, what will I want?

A card with our wedding photo and some personalised words will be nice…something to put in my wallet…something to remind me of the happy memories on my wedding day…no matter how long ago…

Hmmm..got to think about it…will update in my post…

As for this question asked by my female friends, “When will their prince come?”, my answer to that is I would rather she spend more time finding a good man and plan a comprehensive wedding PLUS marriage life…rather than hastily find someone who she thinks MAY suit her…and only to find it otherwise later…

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