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Wedding Email Enquiry: Wedding Photoshoot

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Hi Jhong Ren,

I will be taking my wedding photo in coming Jun 07. I will like to know what are the things i need to prepare for this day.”

My reply:

Wedding photoshoot may last from 10am all the way to 10pm. This was what happened to mine.

The bride will have to have her hair and make-up done. The make-up artist may be using this opportunity to check with you what kind of make-up and hairstyle you prefer on your wedding day. She will also let you try the accessories that suit your dressing.

If you have any preference of hairstyle and happened to see them in any magazine, please leep the pictures and show it to the make-up artist. It will be much easier that way.

Before I forget, bring along your shoes for your wedding gown and evening gown.

The indoor photoshoot will be a long one. Ladies need to get changed, her hairstyle redo depending on the theme. There are the normal wedding gown, evening gown, Chinese Kua and Korean or Japanese theme.

Depending on the number of poses you have in your package, the number of times to change your gowns may differ. I have heard of some brides have two sets of evening gowns or even more.

There will be a short break for lunch. Bring a helper along if you can. The helper will buy your lunch. It will be inconvenient for you or your fiance to leave the studio with all the make-up and hairstyle done.

Remind your helper to buy some bread and drinks and this will be your dinner.

I doubt there will be break for dinner because the schedule for outdoor shoots may be very packed, depending on your outdoor venue.

So, ours are Changi beach in the extreme east and NTU in the extreme north. Thus, we could only munch the bread in the car.

For brides, please bring comfortable footwear such as sports shoes or sandals. There will be lots of walking and thus comfortable footwear will give less stress to your feet.

Bring your basic make-up kit along and at least two bottles of mineral water for each person.

If you have an informal shoot which both of you will be in casual wear, do bring along too.

For the groom, it is really simple:
1. Bring his leather shoes
2. Ties X 2
3. Long sleeve collared shirt X 2

Normally, the color of the grooms’ long sleeves collared shirt will match the gowns of the brides.

In all, the photoshoot is going to be a long and tiring one but it is also very enjoyable. And remember by the end of the day, no matter how tired, do remember to take your dinner which will be around 10 plus at night.”

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