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Wedding Stories for Future Brides…

A reader of mine wrote me this email this afternoon:

Dear Jhong Ren,

It was a pity that you would not be helping other brides in singaporebrides.com forum. Was a real pity.

But I guess we shouldn’t be the main priority. Your family should be.

To give yourself more time for your family, I suggest you can do a “Chicken Soup” campaign

something like we submit our interesting wedding experience to you and you can post them.

old wedding photo
from www.slovak.com

it could be our happiness, frustrations, joy, anxiety, ups and downs…memories that we will always remember

We hope that our stories can be of some use of other brides who may learn from our experience.

I wish you success…and remember…I will come back to your blog again…to read the stories…

P.S…will be sending you mine soon… 🙂 ”

My reply:

Thank you for your support all these whiles. And thank you for your suggestions…

It is a very good suggestion so that my readers do not only hear from me…but from the rest of other brides as well…

In fact, I have tried it once…and only managed to get a handful of stories…some written about their wedding days….some written about their times preparing their weddings…

I’m not sure about the response to this campagn if I am to do it one more time…but anyway, I’m willing to try again…

For the benefit of my readers, I am willing to do it once more..and this is what I have created…

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