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How do Local Wedding Favors Fair?

Last year, I attended 8 weddings dinners in total excluding my own. This year, I had just attended one and I will be attending two more in the next few months till December 07.

(In fact, tomorrow I am attending my beloved cousin’s wedding ROM and I am her photographer. )

So far, not a single wedding favors I have collected impressed me or had even left a deep impression. Now, I got 16 wedding favors plus another 12 from Holiday Inn Park View. ( The hotel gave us the whole set as we were their customers.)

I am looking for really creative wedding favors that is really impressive and useful. Hmmm…I have high expectations.

I managed to see some that caught my eyes. Some are expensive though but they can give wedding couples more reasons to replace their wedding favors if their budget allows.

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wedding favors?wedding favors

wedding favors??????????? Click here to see more…

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