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Financial Understanding of Wedding Couples

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During courtship, money is never a problem among dating couples.

One of my friends (in her teens) is dating too and her boy-friend splurged on her (just as if there is no tomorrow), satisfying every bit of her material needs’ desire…buying her the latest mobile phones and life-size soft toys (which need to pay for 1 person bus fare when the boy came to her house by bus).


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Interestingly, boys or males won’t feel so much of the financial pinch when they are dating with their girl-friends.

For youngsters, they can afford to pay for their fast-food meals or at most some expensive toys they purchased during birthdays or Valentine’s day.

For older guys who are working, they can afford to spend more such as paying for a dinner in restaurants, paying for oversea trips’ expenses or even buying a car for their girl-friends (these are for those who are ultra-rich)

Once after marriage, things differ. THERE IS TOMORROW!!! Fiancial priorities shift enourmously. Money and savings have to be set aside for household maintenance, food, insurance policies, emergencies, child-rearing, child’s education, child’s holidays…

Debts have to be cut down or reduced to the minimal, couples have to sit together to discuss about investment in securities and bonds or even properties (if they can afford)…and achieving common dreams such as setting up a family business together and supporting each other’s dreams… and many many many more…

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things have change from “I” to “Us as a family” PLUS “Children”. There is not so much of “I”. In fact, there is never “I” after marriage.

In addition, couples have to save for possible retrenchment (at least 6 months of saving) and retirement (assuming not working for 10 – 20 years of couple’s monthly expenditure of about $5000.)…that would amount to $1.2 million or more…

our goal is to hit at least $10 million for retirement. Any unused money will be donated to charity.

As for us, these are our plans…there are still many more things to be done…>.< There are always many more Tomorrows and tomorrows of our children...

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