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Mishap for Today

Today was a shocking day to me. One of my colleagues fell and injured herself. She was hospitalised.

Just before she left the office, she was asking her what do we need to buy for tea-break. Curry-puff? Pao?

wedding curry puff

Then, came the shocking news from another of my colleague who was with her that she had fallen and he was unconscious.

This made me reflect on how vunerable life was. One moment we were planning for the future. The other moment, we might not be able to execute our plan because of unforseen circumstances. By right, tomorrow we were planning to go out together just to have dinner.

Life was really fragile, isn’t it?

We were born, we grow up, we fall in love, may get married, have kids, grow old and become sick before we die.

Looking at my own life, I had just realised I had crossed the one-third mark (assuming I got to live up to 80 years which is the normal life expectancy of human nowadays.)

Another two more one-third to go. I want to spend these limited amount of time with my wife and my children in time to come.

I once read a story. There was this husband who calculated the total number of Sundays he get to spend with her wife till he dies. He folded the exact number of stars and put them in a glass cylinder.

wedding star

As every Sunday passed by, he took out one star. As years passed, the number of the stars dwindled and the height dropped. There was a sudden sense of urgency and it became a form of wake-up call that actually he didn’t have many more Sundays to spend with his wife till he dies.

So, from then onwards, he made sure he spent quality Sundays with his wife…just enjoying time with her…

So how more Sundays do I have left? I’m not sure…all I know that I only have NOW to spend with her…as for the future…how many of us can predict how more Sundays we have left? >.<

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2 Responses to “Mishap for Today”

  1. 1
    Debby Says:

    Hi Jhong,
    I’m not exactly sure how I found you blog except that I am always looking to see what others are doing and saying with their wedding blogs since I have one of my own.

    I think that what you had to say today is so true about the frailty of life. I just found out that I have breast cancer and who know really how many more days I have left on this earth. It really puts things into perspective. My focus of how to spend the rest of my life has certainly changed. Thanks for your encouragement to live everyday as if it was our last. At least that is what I got out of our post.

    Take Care, live and love life while we have it!

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    Hi Debby,

    I’m sorry to hear that.

    Yes, life is so fragile and thank you for reminding me that we have to live each day as it was our last. I really hope you can recover soon. 🙂

    Take care.

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