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After married, Chinese New Year is never the same again

Yesterday was our first Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner including my wife.

It was a different feeling…a happy feeling to include her in our big family…

We had steamboat with beef, sotong, fishballs, fish slices, abalone and big fat prawns.

The steamboat itself was worth at least $100 per person.

I learnt from my cousin that the abalone was S$148 per piece and the fish was S$58 per fish. The prawns cost S$38 per kg and the scallops was as big as 10 S$1 coin stacked on top of one another.

Every year, I really wanted to find someone to go with me to squeeze or be squeezed in the Chinatown’s crowd. This year, my wife and I decided to start a family ritual, which is to go Chinatown on every Chinese New Year Eve.

One of the “making-marriage-works” principles that I have learnt from reading this book, is to have a family routine regularly. For example, Friday is strictly our day’s off and we will set aside time for each other to have a relaxing night-out no matter how busy we are.

Plus, every night, we will go for a stroll after dinner so that we can spend time with each other to hear or grumble or encourage or simply just be with each other.

Yesterday, we went to Chinatown at 10pm and came back at 12.10am. The place was jam-packed with people. Any water can hardly seep in and people were literally stuck in their positions.

We were smart enough not to squeeze with them and walked around Chinatown area and from across the street, we saw the stagnant crowd of sardines immovable…

Okie..time to call my in-laws and say some Chinese New Year greetingsVERY IMPORTANT for new wedding couples… 🙂

Meanwhile, Happy New Year to all of you!!! >.< Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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