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Finding a Balance between being Married & remaining Single

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I believe that whatever we do we ought to find a balance.

Even when we are attached and have a new partner, we need to fidn a balance.

When do we spend our time with our sweet heart?

When do we spend personal time to recharge?

When do we spend time with our family?

Lately, I know I have not been posting regularly.

I’m finding my balance…the balance in my life between Married and being myself.

In a day, there is only 24 hours. I spent 8 hours for sleeping, 9 hours at work and 5 more hours to be balanced out spending time alone, with my wife and with my family.

It is easier said to be done.

How many of you do actually feel squashed when wanting to spend time with friends and your partner?

How many of you feel drained after work and still need to take out time to do housework?

How many of you come to the stage of telling others “Just leave me alone; I need a break”?

In a married life, there are many times more things to be done. If you feel you do not have enough time for yourself, be it for leisure or working, I feel you have to spend more time finding your balance before commiting to a married life.

As for me, I find myself doing much more such as attending to the emotional needs of my wife, taking care of my wife’s needs such as buying fruits for her to eat so that she can be healthy, planning activities with my wife weekly so we do have enough time for each other, washing my wife’s laundry when she became too busy, plus reading books on marriage and mothering and about understanding women.

Last week, I spent three days reading this book

It is about how to make marriage works and I will be sharing more in the next few posts.

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