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My 1st Chinese New Year…same celebration; different routine

Our first Chinese New Year as married couple was never the same for us despite our past 20 over years of celebration and going through similar routine.

When we woke up, it was our first time of giving a big fat ang pow to my mommy. (not my daddy as he had long passed away.)

When we reached our paternal grandparents’ home, it was our first time …giving of ang pow to the unmarried relatives unless they are older than us by a generation.

My little nephews and nieces were extremely excited when they saw us. Seeing us, for some, was equivalent of seeing a big increase in their collection of ang pows. I can’t blame them as even for our generation, at least for me, we were never taught why was there an exchange of red packets.

To me, when I was young, it was just another big amount of at least S$800 added to our piggy bank.

My married cousin teased me and asked me how do I felt to give out ang pow for our first time. I just gave her a weird smile…”hehe” – duh…but she was funny…she shared with us that she was very very “Happy”…

Okie…now I’m going to give out more ang pows to my cousins…and tonight I can’t join the celebration at my aunt’s place, where we go every year…but we are going back to our in-laws’ place…

and please don’t forget our ang pows and 12 mandarin oranges for them…>.< ..oh I forgot..another ang pow for my sister-in-law...hehe

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