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The Female Brain – a MUST read for … guys

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176 pages in all … 70 more pages to go since I started reading this book yesterday night when my eye was a little bit better. Still reddish though but the commitment to understand the opposite gender make me want to push on…

It has been very amazing why there is a saying “men are from mars; women from venus” which is actually saying we are from different parts of the world or simply saying we see our world totally differently.

From the book, I have read that when a female enters puberty period, she has to undergo the tormenting monthly period, a period of pain plus emotional turmoil within herself as her hormones level rise and fall…just in case, if you are a guy and don’t know what I am talking about…I’m talking about the menstrual cycle.

When we were younger, and boys being boys, we were ashamed or shy to talk about these taboo words…but now, it is different for me…

To understand my wife better, ask if I must…going into a lingerie shop with my wife if it provides her the companionship…going to a cosmetic and women’s clothhing shop, I heard, is still a challenge for some husbands who prefer to be security guards for that shop at that moment when their wives are inside…for me, I still go in…even though the shop is swarmed with ladies and I’m the only guy inside…a bit uncomfortable at first but gradually I get used to it….

Back to the unpredictable monthly period ladies have to go through,…Meaning there will be times ladies can be calm at certain part of the days but become totally depressed and snappy on the next day…all at the mercy of the hormones in their bodies…

The reason why I want to read this book is to understand my wife…Lately, I even bought a book about “mothering to have a baby”. Yes…I feel the responsibilty to learn more about my wife and how I could really take good care of our baby in time to come.

Among us when we were younger, there was a constant debate of why not girl serve the army and boys take over child-bearing responsibility so that boys can understand the pain and dedication that girl has to put in just for the child…

Could be quite an interesting exchange and maybe this can be a wake-up call for husbands or even boy friends to really understand the emotional swing of your female partners…

understand them…so the relationships can be a better one…

for those who want to read this book I am reading, you can check it out here. Get a copy for your boyfriend or husband so they can udnerstand you better…>.< The Female Brain

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