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Now is 1.30am and I’m still…

awake…my laptop got infected by “worm” a moment ago and the processing was as slow as a turtle…

after marriage…we would love to turn in early..we can’t longer sleep as when we like…

we tried to sleep at the same time so we can chit chat and casually what we had encountered for the day…we will sleep after we give each other assurance that the coming day is going to be a better one…some encouragement before dozing off can help relieve some stress…

(now, the adaware programme is still scanning my laptop for any spyware. You can click here if you need any anti-spyware programme. It is absolutely free.)

I’m dozing off and my eyes are heavy.

Yeah..the scan progress is about 88% complete…got to getr eady to go to bed…goodnight all >.<

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