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My Wedding Blog’s Email Consulation

I’m very happy that I am able to provide free consultation to wedding couples. Recently, I have received about 15 emails from wedding couples (mostly brides) who wanted to know the things to do before their wedding day.

Just to share with you, this is one of the email and my answers to it….(hope it can benefit all instead of just the sender)
So keep on posting or sending me queries…submit the query in the box on the left side bar.

Email from Audrey:

Hi JR,

Its only a few more days to my wedding and I’m still not sure of what I have to do. Can you send me a list of things u did 1 week before your wedding?



My Answer:

Hi Audrey,

For what I have done:

1. Remind guests to attend wedding dinner and re-tally number of guests

2. Sleep early

3. Drink lots of water

4. Prepare a wedding gift for groom/ bride

5. Wedding speech

6. Slideshow of wedding photos

7. Video montage of child hood and teenage life

8. For more info, go to this web page: https://romance-fire.com/wedding-checklist-1-year-to-6-months-ahead/

9. Do something relaxing. (I watched “Open Season” to loosen up two days before my wedding.)

Hope these are helpful. 🙂

Let me know if you need more help.



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