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Life after marriage

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Many of my readers emailed me what is life like after marriage.

In fact, I’m not even sure what the right way married couple should feel after marriage.

For me, I feel comfortable and glad that the wedding was finally over. We had painstakingly planned for one year plus and everything ended in less than a day.

At this stage, I feel really comfortable with the shared life I had with my wife. I tried to minimise changes in our daily habits. We still carry on to be who we are and continue to do what we do.

There is definitely some shared roles and responsibilites like washing clothes, vacuuming and mobbing the floor and washing dishes after every meal.

For me, I also learnt about respect and communication.

Respect in the sense respect that she is tired after work and I just keep her company.

Communication in the sense we share with each other our thoughts, problems and challenges so we can better understand each other and learn to cope together.

Two heads are definitely better than one, aren’t they? >.<

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