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Registry of Marriage

I have finding it really challenging to blog about my wedding these few days, especially it is the last few days before the wedding.

We managed to settle most of what we needed to and the mindset to survive this week is to move along with the flow.

On Tuesday night, I met up with my good friends and we went for a movie – “Battle of Wits” by Andy Lau and we had a terrific dinner and we talked about good old times and how fast time flies. They bought me wedding presents and gave me Ang Pow – Red Packet despite not being able to attend my wedding. It was really of them.

Our ROM experience: (you can click on the image to read the item description)

Yesterday, on 6/12 (Wednesday), we went to Registry of Marriage (ROM) to collect our wedding certificates.

It was a relatively fast process and we waited for less than 5 minutes.

How it works is like we took train to Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. The direction is walk into Park Mall, take a lift to 4th floor and exit from the car park. You will be able to see Fort Canning.

Cross over to Fort Canning and turn left and walk along the minor road. You will find yourself walking upslope.

You will be able to see a Gothic Gate. On your right, up the slope is the Fort Canning Centre. Keep on walking and you will see another Gothic Gate. The ROM is just 2 minutes walk from the 2nd Gothic Gate.

A security guard will verify your purpose of being there and collect your acknowledgement letter which will be passed to one of the officers.

In fact, the stipulated date for me was on Monday but I had exam. So when I called up ROM, there is this answering service that says we will be able to come 1 to 2 days after the given appointment date.

After waiting for barely 2 minutes, our names were called by one of the officers who would verified our Identities and will told us to make a pledge that we came on our own will and have no conviction of any matter. We had to raise up our right hand and made our vows.

Then, the officer briefed us that we would be collecting an original Marriage Certificate, a photo-copy of it, an envelope with paid postage. The soleminiser will mailed the signed copy back to ROM after the solemnisation.

We were also told that the red-pocket for the solemniser is between S$38 to S$58.

Lastly, we had to sign a document to acknowledge we have collected all the important documents.

Ok..here is the checklist of what to bring
1. Groom and bride to be present
2. Copy of filing instructions
3. Borh original ICs
4. A copy of Witnesses’s ICs
5. Solemniser’s consent form
6. If applicable, annulment/ divorce cert or death cert of spouse
7. A translator or interpreter if either party is not conversant in English, Mandarin or Tamil.

and..a checklist of what to collect:
1. 2 Marriage certs (an original and a photo-copy)
2. A letter of “Confirmation of Marriage Licence Issued”
3. A piece of “Important Instructions for Couples”
4. A certificate holder to keep the cert
5. An envelope (with paid postage) which will be mailed back to ROM

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