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Standing by her Side….always

Yesterday was quite a day with mixture of feelings…on one hand, i can celebrate for having taken my last exam paper for this year and it marks the end of one year of endurance and tolerance…on the other hand, some unpleasant event surfaced.

let’s take a peek into my life for this year:
Since January, I have been busy preparing the wedding
In addition, I have to do my professional attachment which involves alot of life-churning experience.

I have 2 exam papers to take in June and one more yesterday.

Stress from work+stress from school+stress from inside+stress from wedding+stress from families = can make me into a superman

Along the way, there are many more hurdles to cross: culture conflict, parent-child conflict, customer-hotel disagreement, locating the right places to get the right stuff, compromising on Bethrodal items and many more…(you can’t really imagine the amount of stress both of us are bearing.)

It was meant to be a joyous occasion when I returned home from my mind-boggling 2-hour exam. Then, came the shocking news from one of my fiancee’s really good pals, that due to some misunderstanding, has decided not to come for our wedding. (I shall not go into detail here as it can be very sensitive and it has not been settled at this point in typing.) In the evening, around 4 pm, she has passed off some insensitive remarks upon her and I was very displeased when I read her msn message.

What I want to say: is that as her husband, I have the right to protect my wife and will not tolerate any injustice done upon her. Even if given another chance to look back how I reprimanded her friend, I will say I will do it again.

If, as the husband, I don’t stand by my wife. Who will?

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4 Responses to “Standing by her Side….always”

  1. 1
    Prettibride Says:

    HI Brightstar..u’re right…i believe we all want our other half to stand by us no matter wad. Not sure what really happened between your wife and her pal..but I hope you can advice her calmly..to probably try to solve the misunderstanding between them. Afterall, I am sure your wifey wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle with bad feelings.

    A personal experience, I had this group of friends whom we lost contact for 2 years due to a misunderstanding also, but i garner enough courage to patch up with them few months back and I can say its something I never regret doing. Now we’re back to best of pals and they’ll even be my sisters party for my wedding. Wish u luck oh..and a blissful marriage…only 5 more days ya..congrats!!

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    Hi Prettibride, thank you very much for your advice…and im really glad u have patched things up wtih ur pals…it is a waste to lose good friends especially best of pals.

    wow…u ve sisters’ party! good for you….aren’t we all really excited about our upcoming big event!! of OUR LIFE!!! 😀

  3. 3
    Esther Says:

    aiya.. sm pple are like that de. But if ur wife and her once a very good frens, they will patch back again. The remarks are just due to her anger. =\ My buddy also, critise me like pink n white till pple see liao also disgusting. I shoot back, I wear I like can already, I wear for myself, not to wear liao and let you guys see. Lolx..

    But in e end he talk to me first, we become buddies again. Phew.. PErhaps we still kids even though we already 21. Haha.. Well.. dunno lah, if ur gf fren saying bad abt ur marriage or curse wat, that’s really mean.. You just treat it as nothing happen and ENJOY your life the the FULLEST bah. 🙂

  4. 4
    Jhong Ren Says:

    esther, thanks for the comment….

    yah…i think everybody is very uptight now lor…and i believe we don’t really meant what we say….so i will just take it as a passing remark…everything will turn out well and return to normal after this sunday… 🙂 hopefully…:D

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