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Why I Love my Fiancee so much?

When we were young, we have this ideal picture of our partner who we want to spend with the rest of our lives.

My expectation of my ideal partner was not high. As long as both of us are happy and healthy, this will be what I ask for.

My fiancee is a very understanding person and she loves me because of who I am. I have flaws, just like being another normal human being, and I have strengths too.

From what I see around me, many couples push to mould their partners to become what they think is ideal. And along the way, there will be conflicts, arguments and quarrels.

Who want to be moulded into somebody who we are not? Would you?


My fiancee and I have communicated with each other, reminding each other that we are married to each other. We will try to be more loving and caring because now both of us have to take good care of each other.

We have also told each other that we will inform each other when we have to meet up with our friends. Informing doesn’t mean seeking permission. It means I inform you because I respect you.

Many times, I saw from other couples who tried to control their partners. Possessing over each other’s privacy, space and time. “You must spend all your time with ME and Only Me!”

This is a complete no-no as forcing each other closer can only bring each other further apart.

Through these 5 years of courtship, basically we have not really changed for each other, except to be more understanding, loving and caring. We enforce this rule daily: Any disagreement is to be sorted out on that day itself before sleeping time. And we focus on the issue/ matter; not the people.

There is still alot for us to learn. Being married to each other is going to be a new start for me and her; and I promise to love her more everyday. :*

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