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3 BIG SURPRISES from my hotel – Part I – from Ju

BIG surprises from my hotel (less than) 3 weeks before the actual day!!!

On 15Nov, I emailed our wedding coordinator “S” on some questions.

On 16Nov, another wedding coordinator “V” emailed us and notified us that she is the NEW wedding coordinator. “S” is on unpaid leave. Our wedding is less than 3 weeks and such a big change in this crucial time are indeed shocking to us. Worst is hotel doesn’t take the intiative to inform us!!! BIG SURPRISE # 1.

On 16Nov night, I suggested a meeting date & time with her so we can finalise details.

17Nov – 18 Nov, no call or reply from her.

On 18Nov – feeling very uneasy and angry over BIG SURPRISE #1, I called the hotel and happened the Director of Business Development, “SS” answered. I requested to speak to the Director of Meetings & Events about my concerns. To my horror, SHE RESIGNED! BIG BIG SURPRISE # 2

The Director of Business Development, “SS”, listened to my burning concerns and sounded empathatic. Unknowinly, she told me that “S” resigned and went to another hotel!!!


My thought : Our wedding coordinator “S” joined the hotel in July and left in Oct; the Director of Meetings & Events resigned! What will you feel if you hear this? What kind of impression on this hotel management does it start to form in your mind right now?

“SS” is very efficient and informed the Director of Catering, “D” at once. After spoke to “SS”, I felt a little bit pacificed and cooled down.

In less than 15mins, I received a call from the Director of Catering. However, things do not go what we plan. Very unexpected.

Guess what happen next? Stay tunned. I will be back with more update on this entry. Now, let me accompany my mom to shop for her accessory as she says Poh Heng got (up to) 50% off…

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2 Responses to “3 BIG SURPRISES from my hotel – Part I – from Ju”

  1. 1
    Gladys Says:

    Hmm sounds so messy. I didnt keep track of what happen after Pauline left. THink this industry high turnover. Hopefully won’t affect your AD – but I heard that banquet captain more impt than coordinator so don’t worry too much!

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    Thanks Gladys….things seem to got better now…thanks for your concern

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