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Another Big Surprise?!!!

2 more weeks. Many months ago, the hotel had passed us this contract with the to-do list. One of the pointers was to contact the hotel coordinator (business executive to be exact) prior 2 weeks to our wedding date.


During this week, we had some queries about corkages and so we decided to email the coordinator. And we received the following bad news:

“Good Morning.

Let me introduce myself. My name is “V” ( Business Development Executive ) – Wedding Planner. “S” is on long unpaid leave and unable to tell when she is coming back. I am assisting “S” for your Wedding follow-up and arrangements. I am glad to assist you and Jhong Ren for your Wedding preparation. You are in a safe hand and your Wedding going to be one of the memorable one ever… …”

Another change? Oh my…this is the 2nd change of coordinator in this year since February.

My fiancee and I were shocked and unhappy about the arrangement. “long unpaid leave”? meaning what? Does it mean she was sacked or what?

Prior to “S”, we had “P” as the coordinator. We heard of rumours that she was unhappy with this hotel and she decided to quit to find a greener pasture elsewhere. She had given us this contract that stated a cheaper rate of the hotel room.

But when we showed it to “S”, she said it was no longer valid and it was an old rate. She is fortunate to have met me and Ju as her customers. We were not persistent in arguing that these are the contractual terms. Hmmm…next time, maybe I will engage a lawyer?

There were other inconvenience such as “S” was not updated by “P” and we had to update her in the end. Looks like we were part of the staff??!

We definitely hope that we are in good hands and hope that it will be the best wedding.

Another point to add is should we have not contacted “V”, will “V” have contacted us in the first place? (The last 2 weeks is the crucial period when there is alot of liasion to do between the wedding couples and the hotel coordinator.)

PLUS, we had to make another trip to the hotel to meet with the NEW coordinator and tie up some loose ends or many loose ends…

My suggestions for any wedding couple reading this post:

The contract agreement is very important. Request for an email or any printed copy from the coordinator on what had been agreed on. It will be used as a proof just in case you have a few changes in the coordinators.

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