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How to Give Your Partner a Good Massage After a Long Day?

Everyday, our bodies grow tired after the numerous pressure and stress we have to go through. My fiancee and I will take turn to massage each other’s neck, shoulder, hand and fingers.

There are a few advantages to this quality time that we spent together.

Massage can reduce or even completely remove the physical stress from the body.
By being massaged by someone you love, it can even indirectly show care and concern by your love ones. In addition, the time spent together can increase bonding and relationship between you and your partner.

You do not need a long time to do the massage. A mere 5 minutes to 10 minutes per day can do wonder to both body and soul. Apart from this, I personally feel it is a commitment to delegate a short time each other to feel emotionally connected to each other. So, it will add more sparks and fire to the relationship.

Below, I will share some videos that I have chanced upon in another web site.

For back and neck rub:

For neck and shooulder massage:

For fingers and hands massage:


To know more on other massage techniques, you can get yourself a copy of this

Those who got hold of the “Massage” book also choose this book

If you want to view more massage videos, please go to https://www.massagefree.com?. I find that it is the most interesting web site with videos to clearly demonstrate the exact massage techniques.

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