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Choosing of Wedding Photos

Two weeks ago, my fiancee and I went to the Bridal Studio to view our wedding photos. The staff in-charged of editing the photos showed us the photos from this desktop computer.

There were various ways of editing:
1) erasing away excess skin
2) making facial features sharper
3) flipping the photos horizontally
4) whitening the teeth
5) elongating the photos to make the couple taller
and so on…

I believe the Adobe Photoshop was used to edit the photos.

It was 7pm and by the time we finished viewing the photos 5 times, it was already 7.45pm. We were not very satisfied with some of the backgrounds. For example, there is this checkered squares background we didn’t really like. We told the guy, a quiet person who hardly said anything, except for “ok”, “can”.

We asked if he could show us what type of backgrounds he had in his files. He replied there was none and asked us to go to the first floor to look through past wedding albums of other couples. Ok..fair…we went down and flipped through 5 wedding albums that weigh about 4 kilogram each and brought it up to show him. We preferred bubbles as background.

I think what pissed me off is that he told us to hurry up because his working hours ends at 8pm. “Hmmmm….” I felt irritated. I could understand you want to go back quickly but do you have to be so direct?

Perhaps, he could have said in a more professional manner like…”Please let me know soon so that I could quickly edit for you and deliver what you want…” (somewhere along this line…you know what I meant?)

During the same night, all the normal staff and the bosses were not around. The shop was manned by two teenage girls, around 19 years old. One was busy checking some accounts and the other lazing on the table, drawing some cartoons and talking to this uncle who was the other photographer assistant. No one seem to bother about us. We came down from the second floor and they didn’t even bother to look at us.

“hey, are we invisible?”

Hmmmm….this visit was pretty uncomfortable, I should say. It was as if we were ignored and not served well. I’m not expecting fantastic customer service but hey, please at least say “hi” or “how did the viewing of the photos go?”

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