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Blogging about my Wedding

It had been 2 months plus and I think blogging is very fun.

Hmmm…seldom you see a guy blogging about his wedding and about his feelings and he has a pink blog. Plus, I have reserached that this is the first Singapore pure wedding blog.

I think it is ok to be true to myself. I love to blog and there is nothing to hide about my feelings. Everybody has good and bad times. It is about how comfortable you want to share and with who. It is considered normal to want to keep the feelings to yourself.

I have readers asking me “ain’t i scared that my darkest secrets about my feelings be revealed?”

I see it from this angle that once I published a post on my feelings especially negative ones like sadness, frustrations, …they will be scattered into a million pieces and I felt lighter and more cheerful. In fact, blogging makes me feel more comfortable and confident. I also feel good when readers send me words of encouragement.

Female readers…

out there also grew envious when they see how I proposed to my wife and how I treated her everyday. I think treating my wife well and showering her with love and care is part of my role as a husband. I believe every boyfriend or husband is unique so there is no need to compare. 😉

By blogging about my wedding, I also want to share with couples who are getting married about the reality of wedding planning. Yes, wedding is a joyous occasion but when it comes to planning, everyone wants to play a part too and this makes the planning complicated.

I believe it is alot on communication between all involved parties and also ironing out the expectations.

The wedding couple needs to handle stress from family members too. So, the preparation and purchase of necessary wedding items should be made as easy as possible and that is the reason why I’m publishing all the posts telling couples where to get what and how to get them. We spent alot of time asking around and going to the wrong places or at the wrong time or going back again because we forgot to buy or ask something.

Time is precious and is never enough, especially if both parties are working.

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