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How quickly time has passed

It is another few more days nearer to my wedding. As I looked back, I somehow don’t really understand how we coordinated and planned everything needed for our big day.

It ranged from buying of proposal ring, choosing the right bridal studio, selecting the hotels, negotiating with the staff, getting help from cousins and friends, and at the same seeking to understand ourselves better and trying to compromise wth respect to culture and values conflicts.

?Planning a wedding is not easy. Planning a wedding is a happy occasion. Brides and grooms should look forward to the big day – a fresh start of the life together (sad to say for many, marriage is the end of the beautiful courtship when they failed to do for each other as much as what they would have done if still in courtship.)

Yesterday, I have delievered my cards to my nanny who had took good care of me when I was?1 year-old tll 2 year-old. Surprisingly, we still remain in contact from that time till now. Time has passed and she has aged. It really pains me to see how old she has become. But I’m really gald she is still very happy everyday and of course, she was delighted to see me getting married.

For the pastfew days, I have been very busy giving cards to my colleagues and some friends who I met during some friends’ gathering and in class.

Tomorrow, I will be giving cards to my paternal grandparents plus the relatives. It is going to be a?busy weekend again.

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