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Wedding Kua

Last Friday, we scouted for another shop which specialises in selling kua. It took us half-an-hour to locate the shop. It is along Singapore, 86 Tanjong Pagar Road. It was not obvious if you scan across from the opposite shopping lane. It was only when we crossed the road and walked to right in front of the shop, then only we could identify it was the shop.

?It is called “House of Etiquette”. It sold and rent Chinese wedding Kua. So far, I think it is the only shop that does that.

Standing outside House of Etiquette

The rental of kua is about S$260 for 3 days. The costumes for men and the brides’ mothers are also available (for Cantonese especially). It comes with a bright red flower pinned on the chests area?of the brides’ mothers. There are also labels that read “bride” and “bridegroom”. This is especially so in Hong Kong custom but in Singapore, who would want to pin that and walk around in a wedding dinner?? 😕

kua for Chinese brides

If you have the budget, you can pay at least S$1000 to own the kua.

If you want a new set but it is on rental basis, the price will be at least S$700. Confirm the rental at least 1 month before your wedding day if you want to rent.

My fiancee needed to reconsider if she really needs a new kua as our bridal package includes a kua. In the end she didn’t because we have limited budget.


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    Dharma@Bali Wedding Says:

    must be making lots of money by being alone in this business…

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