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At Tanjong Pagar Road

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Let me bring you for a wedding tour to Tanjong Pagar Road. When people talk about this place, people are immediately reminded of the nurmerous wedding studios that sprawn the area.

You can view the map here?at streetdirectory.com (For Bridal studios’ web sites, go here.)

It was my first time there and I’m stunned by the numerous wedding studios along the road. There are two lanes. Finish walking along one lane, cross over to the other. There are plenty of wedding studios to shop around and hunt for the best deal for your wedding day.

There the more popular?wedding studios?like Santiago and Frederick Bridal. There are other smaller studios, some of them with names unheard of.

Competition is really stiff as sales people lined the corridor and we were stopped by them,?persuading us to patronise their bridal studios. It was really stressful to walk down that stretch of road.

?How to go: Take a train to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and exit from EXIT A (Outside Civil Service College) Walk about 5 – 10 minutes towards Tanjong Pagar Road.

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