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Where to get Wedding Customary Items?

Conituing our journey from House of Etiquette?(see?previous post), we made our way down fom Tanjong Pagar Road to Chinatown Complex (see here for map).

Chinatown Complex has shifted to a temporary site, which is just beside Outram Park MRT Station. It is a temporary site whcih houses the shops, market and food centre.

Initally, we were unaware of that it had moved. It was only after we reached the old site, then we realised it. The day was a hazy, warm and humid. The weather is unbearably hot and we were perspiring from morning till now (it is already 4pm in a Friday afternoon).

Rushing for time, we felt pressurised to find the shop before dinner time. But we kept telling ourselves we were enjoying the process. In conjuectionw ith Mid-Autmn Festival, Chinatown lanes were decorated with gigantic lanterns.

Finally, we reached the shop. There was only 1 shop. We spent quite alot of money (S$139 and S$88 for wedding gifts from bride and groom respectively).

It was a one-stop shop that sells wedding customary items from ang pows, tan pon (spitton container) to lamps and candles with dragon and phoenix crafted on them.

We reached the shop at 5pm. This is front view of the shop that sells?Chinese wedding customary items?

The lady in green is the lady boss and she will explains to her customers the sequence and routines during the wedding day, plus delivering the bride’s dowry.

Fish?head cooked in Hong Kong Style

Rice (50 cents per bowl), Cai Xin vegetable (S$8)?and Fish head (S$12)

It was 7.30pm. We spent alomost 2 hours in the shops getting all the items. Before we left Chinatown Complex, we had our sumptuous dinner to reward ourselves. >.< ?

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