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Wedding Inserts and trying of dress for bridesmaid and coat for bestman

This week, my aunty Lee Sah had helped me printed the wedding inserts. She told me to buy the special gold marker pen that can write on translucent plastic paper. She even offered to help me get the ribbon which will be used to secure the inserts to the cards. I’m thankful that I was charged at a special rate for the printing. This “special price” is to be kept as a secret….shuuuu….sh….:p?

Later on this evening, my fiancee’s bridesmaid will be going to the bridal studio to try her dress. Normally, bridesmaids are the sisters of the fiancee.?Trying of dresses?is normally done 1.5 month before the wedding day, to allow alteration if any. For my bestman, he will be joining us so that he can try to see if the coat fits him. Alteration can be done to make sure he is comfortable with the coat.

In another two week’s time, I will be able to collect my wedding photos. Yeah…>.< Not sure if the collection is confirmed. The manager may still asks if there is any final re-editing to be done. 😀

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