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I found a wonderful web site on Chinese wedding customs. Very thankful as I need to understand the wedding custom of my own culture…the following 4 posts are taken from this page.

Up to a month and at least three days before the wedding day, the groom and a friend or a matchmaker will deliver the betrothal gifts on the auspicious date chosen.

Western and chinese wedding cakes, peanut candies, together with two bottles of brandy, at least six tins of canned pork legs and even number of oranges are included in the wedding gift baskets. Two pairs of dragon and phoenix candles ???are also included.

Also included is gold jewellery from the groom?s parents to the bride such as the cantonese?s dragon and phoenix bangle ??? or the teochew?s four items of gold ???.

Some include the bride?s price with the betrothal gifts whereas some will only present it when the groom fetches the bride.

In the return gifts, the 2 bottles of brandy will be replaced with 2 bottles of orange syrup. An even numbered portion of all the other gifts are returned to the groom?s family together with the 2 phoenix candles. The bride?s side will light the 2 dragon candles and the groom?s side the phoenix candles on the morning of the wedding day.

Some hokkien family will also request for a bunch of bananas and red dates to be included in the return gifts. A red packet for the groom?s parents to buy shoes is required. The bride will also present towels to the parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles and groom?s siblings.

After the betrothal, the chinese wedding invitations are distributed.

Personal reflection: 1 month plus to go…wedding preparation will be geared up…more things to prepare…more details to take note.

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