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Printing of wedding card inserts

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For this week, I had completed some of the necessary things to be done. I met up with my uncle who owns a printing firm and he is willing to print my inserts at zero-profit. (If you go to outside printer, they may charg you at about 80cents per insert)

Inserts are the little piece of paper in between the wedding invitation cards:

Below are the 11 info you need to fill in before you go to the printer:

1) couples names in Chinese and English

2) couples’ parents names in Chinese and Mandarin

3) Hotel’s ballroom in Chinese and English, inclusive of address in both languages

4) time the guests are expected to arrive

5) couples’ email address and contacts

6) wedding date according to lunar calendar

7) Date to R.S.V.P

8) material of paper (e.g. trancing paper, translucent…)

9) type of stamping (hot stamping…)

10) color of print (gold, silver…)

As for me, I’m from a single-parent family. This will be one of the times it reminded that my father is no longer with me (he passed away long time ago). Then, the insert will only have my mom’s name (e.g.Mdm X…instead of Mr and Mrs (Father’s full name)

My heart wept as I’m writing the inserts. This will be one of the times I wish my father will be here with me to witness this wonderful day.

I’m sharing this emotional side of me because planning a wedding is not only planning all the monotonous tasks. Emotions will be twirled into the planning process…positive or negative? it is how you see it

?Learning point: how i hope my dad is here with me…

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