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Where to get Customary Wedding Items?

My fiancee just told me her colleague had told her that there is a shop in Ang Mo Kio central selling the customary items. The other shop we know of is in Chinatown, Pices centre. (It is a very old shop on the second storey. It is made up of two shop units) I also heard that the stall attendants will educate wedding couples on the do’s and don’ts on the wedding day. So this is the major reason why we are going.

Some personal thougt: Up till now, we were too busy with our work. Plus, each of us is taking turn to fall sick. Sigh…we got to really take good care of our bodies and health. The journey together is still long…Lately, I also don’t know why I’m so uptight and anxious. My relative told me I looked skinnier…sigh..not a good sign…i’m already very skinny..now I have more headaches and nausea. Better take care of myself…>.< ?For my relatives who are reading this post...not to worried...and don't tell my mommy...i dont want her to be worried...

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