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Hair Stlye Software

Didn’t realise that the world is so advanced until today…chanced upon a hairstyle software that allows you to take a picture of yourself and change your image and hairstyle

?Over 200 hairstyles for different length of hair…long, medium, short…for both guys and ladies…I think for guys, we are not so particular over what hairsyle we have…(the hairstylist changed my look and with my glasses off, I can’t really see what she is doing to my hair….till I see this…I was shocked…from this 101_0168.JPGto this img_0084.jpg…actually not much difference hor….

?Learning point: An advice for gentlemen,?for ladies…they need more time for their hairstyles to be done..so as gentlemen, please be really patient…to let you have a feel…ladies need 3 hours at least..for me, the hairstyling process is a mere 5 mins…

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2 Responses to “Hair Stlye Software”

  1. 1
    JuJu Says:

    Dear, you loook gd in your Bae-yong-Jun-hair! Muahahhhhaah!!!! Your mama says you look handsome too! HeHeHe…

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    My colleague, SC said that I looked like “shanghai-tan”…hahaha…:P

    my wedding photos will be out soon..can’t wait to post and share…

    my beloved cousins in Japan…kinda of miss them suddenly…:D

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