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Archive for September, 2006

2 months plus to go…

It was as if the proposal was done yesterday. 9 months plus had passed and we had been really busy preparing the necessary preparations for our wedding day. To summarise, we spent about a month to scout for the hotel, another month for the bridal studio.

In the midst of searching, we had to “update” our parents and convinced them that we had made the right choice. Choosing the hotel and the bridal studio were easy; convincing people took more time.

In June, we took the photoshots for our wedding. It was really early as we could have taken in September. We chose the photos in July, picked the design for our bedroom in August and bought our wedding bands in September.

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E-filing on the ROM web site

Yesterday, I received a call from my solemniser. Thank goodness…he had come back from?oversea from his trip. I’m extremely delighted when I received his call.

I know there were a number of info you need before you start clicking into?the ROM?web site.

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My Blogroll has moved to…

I have?moved the following links into individual pages to make it more convenient and easier to be read by my readers.

The links?to other?wedding blogs and other online resources to has been moved to:



how?you can?form other income streams to cover your wedding expenses at



You can still access:

the wedding checklist at https://romance-fire.com/wedding-checklist-1-year-to-6-months-ahead/

the local wedding resources at https://romance-fire.com/wedding-resources-useful-web-site/

download of wedding packages at https://romance-fire.com/wedding-packages-for-lunch-dinner/


What Info do You Need for Wedding Card Inserts?

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I thought that I can send the wedding card inserts for pirnting today. As we were looking through the contents in an insert, never did I know I was still short of many information.

These are the 8 required information you need before you can send?the inserts?for printing:

1) English name of bride and bridegroom

2) Chinese names of bride and bridegroom

3) English names of fathers of both parties

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Do you know you can download the wedding packages from…

I have just added the wedding packages of the different hotels and restaurants. These files are sent to me by the banquet departments of the hotels and restaurants when I enquired about their charges of their wedding packages.

These are in pdf (acrobat) or doc (MS word) format.

This is the link: