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What Info do You Need for Wedding Card Inserts?

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I thought that I can send the wedding card inserts for pirnting today. As we were looking through the contents in an insert, never did I know I was still short of many information.

These are the 8 required information you need before you can send?the inserts?for printing:

1) English name of bride and bridegroom

2) Chinese names of bride and bridegroom

3) English names of fathers of both parties

4) Chinese names of fathers of both parties

5) Date of the wedding according to the Chinese lunar calendar

6) Contact numbers and email addresses of bride and bridegroom for RSVP by guests

7) Address of Ballroom in English

8) Address of Ballroom in Chinese

Point to note: Always print 10 to 20 pieces?more that what you require. They will come in handy just in case some are damaged, or it turns out that you have to send out more during the actual delievery of cards with the cakes’ vouchers. (will?tell you more?in another post on the cakes’ vouchers.)

You can get info 7 & 8 from the bandquet coordinator of the hotels.

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