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2 months plus to go…

It was as if the proposal was done yesterday. 9 months plus had passed and we had been really busy preparing the necessary preparations for our wedding day. To summarise, we spent about a month to scout for the hotel, another month for the bridal studio.

In the midst of searching, we had to “update” our parents and convinced them that we had made the right choice. Choosing the hotel and the bridal studio were easy; convincing people took more time.

In June, we took the photoshots for our wedding. It was really early as we could have taken in September. We chose the photos in July, picked the design for our bedroom in August and bought our wedding bands in September.

It was a roller coaster ride, non-stop, no time to breathe. It was only lately we had nothing on for these past two weekends (or we choose to have nothing on so that we can rest) and we could catch our breathe. Next week, we will have to go Chinatown to buy the “pin jin” according to Chinese customs.

Next on the list is cakes’ vouchers (for our parents’ time, they bought real cakes which were delivered with the wedding invitation cards. But?now times had changed. Beside the cakes become soft and soggy at the end of the day after the couple spent the whole day delivering them). Hmmm..maybe we can buy vouchers from Bengawan Solo.

There are more things to be done and the list seems endless…the delivery of the mattress, the exact time to lay the mattress, the collection of the wedding albums, the appointment with ROM…blah blah blah…it is now 12.30am and my head is spinning…

Wedding preparation is not easy. No one says it is easy. But we thought it is easy till we list them down and we realise WOW!!! there are so many things to plan ahead. Meanwhile, let me sleep now. There is still more to be done tomorrow…

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2 Responses to “2 months plus to go…”

  1. 1
    Mintee Says:

    hi JR, wld you mind sharing your list of To Do items? 🙂

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    hmmm..my to do items has costings in it….i dont mind la…maybe u can email me at yjr2002yjr@yahoo.com

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