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Hong Kong Wedding Custom Part 1

The wedding in Hong Kong is quite different from that in Singapore. Though we are all Chinese, there tends to be differentiation in custom according to the dialect groups. Especially for Cantonese dialect groups, they are extremely particular about the wedding custom especially in choosing an auspicious date, time and hours.

When a couple has decided to settle down, the first thing they’ll do is to ask a professional fortune-teller, feng shui master, or Chinese almanac expert to select an auspicious wedding date. As a rule, Chinese do not schedule wedding on the seventh month of the Lunar Year – the month of the Ghost Festival. Likewise, any renovation of the house or the bedroom will not be done in this month.

If you are a Singaporean and you would need to follow the Hong Kong wedding custom, it would be good if you can contact your relatives, preferably grandparents or grand-aunties in Hong Kong who may be more familiar with the custom.

However, normally in our generation, many of the customary practices?are lost or some grandparents may feel that it is not necessary to follow any customary guidelines. Having lived for about a century, what my grandparents told me, and they are Cantonese, they said that mutual understanding and support between the couple is the most important factor for a blissful marriage.

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