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Love and Marriage, Hong Kong Style

?Chinese Brides Must Avoid Eggplant!
Chinese grandmothers say that certain foods must definitely be avoided at a Chinese wedding banquet. The bride cannot eat any form of eggplant as that can result in sterility.

And, the groom must be careful not to eat pig’s brains because that delicacy can produce male impotence. And, providing all goes well and she becomes pregnant, mama-to-be must avoid eating both rabbit and chicken or her baby will be born with a hoarse voice.

?Wedding Guest Know-How
If you’re invited to a wedding in Hong Kong, try to go with Chinese guests who will know the ropes. Don’t rush out to buy crystal as a gift. Presents are unusual unless it is money delivered in a red packet called “laisee.”

If you are simply invited as a business associate just go and don’t worry about a present. If the person being married is the child of a close associate or a long time member of your Hong Kong agent’s staff then get advice as to how much money to give.

Various numbers mean various things: for example “bat” or “eight” is equal to “fat” or “prosperity.” So your gift should have an eight in it, ie. $88.00. However the amount will tell in what esteem you hold the person. Proceed cautiously!

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